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Fishing and Consumables

New Features - You can now go fishing in the pond. - Added fishing to the ranks page. - Some items now have action buttons. - Pumpkins, apples, and lemons can now be in the market. Adjustments and Balancing - Violets now require more farming XP to unlock. - Pumpkins now require less farming XP to unlock. - Mushrooms now cost 5 tokens instead of 10 tokens. - The 'Potted Plant' furniture has been renamed to 'Potted Fern'. - The info book has been redesigned. - The inventory popup has been enlarged. - Minor visual changes to profile badges. - Added a settings panel to the house editor. - Added digging information to the farm. - Slightly improved page load speed. Bug Fixes - Usernames can now contain capital letters again. - Trees now show the correct image in the plant encyclopedia. - User farms now show the correct tree planted when ready to harvest.

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