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All Rivworld Badges, Solutions, and their Difficulty.

Explorer Difficulty: Free Solution: Make a account for Rivworld, if you haven't already. Treehugger Difficulty: Easy Solution: Collect 10 Crushed Cans and Cans from the Pond, activate the Solution to Pollution Quest, then Recycle the can. Green Thumb Difficulty: Easy Solution: Farm 250 Plants (Fastest being Dandelions) Angler Difficulty: Easy Solution: Receive 250 XP from the Pond. Pet Tamer Difficulty: Medium Solution: Feed all your pets a total of 100 XP through food. This may take awhile. Warrior Difficulty: Medium Solution: Defeat 10 Dungeon Bosses from the Dungeon area. This will take awhile. Open House Difficulty: Medium-Hard Solution: Receive 5 House Votes in total. (You can like your own house to shorten this total to 4) Popular Difficulty: Medium-Hard Solution: Receive 10 up-votes through the Forums. Hero Difficulty: Hard Solution: Complete every quest in Rivworld. Plus Difficulty: Pay to Unlock Solution: Purchase Rivworld Plus. Beta Tester Difficulty: Hard (Limited) Solution: Be chosen for RivWorld Beta Testing. Moderator Difficulty: Hard (Limited) Solution: At certain points in Rivworld, Moderator can be earned through Moderator Applications, only a Selected few currently have this Badge. Administrator Difficulty: TBA/Impossible Solution: Become a official Rivworld Administrator, currently this Badge has yet to be available to the public, only Rivworld and Hyperproduct have this limited Badge. Discord Verified (Currently Not Used) Difficulty: TBA Solution: Connect your Discord Account with Rivworld.

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i mean rivworld bot isnt a official bot so im not sure if it would give that

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