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My Guesses and Predictions of the Dungeon Update

The Dungeon Update probably will be one of the bigger updates for Rivworld, What will happen: * Dungeons will be introduced * The Warrior Badge will be added * New weapons and armor will be added * Pets will have something to help the player with * At least one boss will launch with it * Timer Displaying The Remaining Pond Cooldown Time ( What likely will happen: * The Mine will be given a purpose for the Update * Bamboo and Earthworms will receive a purpose for Fishing * Tractors will gain upgrades * New pets will probably happen by then Further Hopes of the Update: * New Furniture * Some sort of quest may happen * The Discord Verified Badge will be added * Further Mobile Improvements The Unlikely Events: * Sneak Peak of a Community Market some time after the Update * Sneak Peak of Trading * Comments on Profiles being added * Dislikes on Forum Posts and Houses * Furniture for walls are added * (Another) 4th of July Quest

:) Kappa

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Nice post.. I'd like to see a lot of that come true eventually. Can't wait for dungeons... gonna be a great addition.

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